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Student success is an art requiring flexibility, precision, and most importantly, persistence. Schools are the foundation of our society. Trillions are invested in our education system, but even with the relentless commitment of our teachers, there are still some students who don’t reach their full potential.

In 1928, psychologist Sidney Pressey walks into a classroom carrying a funky-looking portable typewriter. Students gape at the strange object as he explains that the mysterious apparatus is called an ‘automatic teacher’. The machine quizzes students and immediately corrects their work in order to help them learn quicker. The ‘automatic teacher’ is one of the first technological approaches to make students more efficient learners.

The legacy of the machine can be seen in the educational technology that has been introduced over the past century. This technology has been limited to tools that make schooling more productive instead of making learning more effective. We now understand that learning is dependent on many external factors, such as demographic characteristics, class size, curriculum demands, time on task, and attendance patterns. And yet, from Scantron sheets to Moodle to online quizzes, we still can’t measure a student’s ability to learn according to their capability to efficiently complete tasks.

Why are we still measuring student success with methods from 100 years ago?

Understanding the natural, uninhibited way individual students interact with the concepts they learn at school enables educators to personalize each student’s schooling experience, making them better learners.

Technology should do more than increase the productivity of schooling and the efficiency of evaluating. It should work to address the discrepancies in academic success encountered by different types of learners who face unique personal challenges.

That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools for students and educators to make every student a successful learner. The service encourages all types of learners to actively and instinctively seek academic help by employing a medium that comes naturally to the modern student - limitless, spontaneous, uninhibited communication through instant messaging.

Gradeslam's Commitment for Student Care

GradeSlam understands student success is more than just good grades. While we pride ourselves on our academic help, we realize that non-academic student support also plays an important role in preparing students for the post-graduation world. Our team takes student care and protection seriously, which is we’re proud to be part of the SafeTalk and Student Privacy Pledge communities.


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