Student Code of Conduct

Classroom Etiquette

  1. BE RESPECTFUL: Always treat your tutors with respect. Although homework can be frustrating, keep in mind that your tutor is doing their best to help you, so remember to be polite and patient with them.

  2. APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE/BEHAVIOUR: Remember to use respectful language when speaking to tutors. Profanities, offensive language, and rude behaviour are not tolerated on the platform.

  3. PROVIDE CONTEXT: Explain your homework as best you can and ask specific questions. Your tutors don’t have access to your course material, so make sure to send them all the information about the question you’re working on.

  4. FOCUS ON SCHOOLWORK: Our tutors are very cool and interesting people, so you may want to chat about non-academic things. However, tutors need to focus on helping students, so be sure to only ask them about your school work.

Essay Review

  1. EDIT ESSAYS: If you want to submit your essay a second time, make sure to read the feedback from the first time and make edits before submitting it again.

  2. ESSAY SUBMISSION: Always include teacher instructions and your own comments when submitting an essay so that your tutor understands the assignment you’re working on and can give you the best possible feedback.

  3. NO ESSAYS IN ONE-TO-ONE SESSIONS: In a one-to-one session, you can ask your tutor to review a couple sentences or help with citations. Tutors are not permitted to review full essays during a live help session. To get a full essay reviewed, please submit your work to Essay Review.

Internet Safety

  1. DON’T SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION: For privacy reasons, please do not share personal information on GradeSlam. Tutors do not need any personal information to give you the help you need.