GradeSlam for Teachers

GradeSlam identifies at-risk students ahead of formal assessments. Various analytics packages are available according to the individual needs of your school. Such packages include, but are not limited to, class specific metrics, student success alerts, student strength and weakness flags, curriculum holes, and trigger warnings.

  • Monitor student engagement
  • Identify gaps in knowledge
  • Track student learning progress
  • Identify difficult subjects
  • View class summary statistics
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Discover how your students learn

GradeSlam equips teachers with a formal record of schooling outside of the classroom. When combined with classroom instruction, the system produces a cohesive map of every student’s personal strengths and weaknesses. This facilitates personalized instruction in the classroom and helps teachers guide every type of learner toward academic achievement.

More on student success

Student Sessions Assessments

The student’s live help sessions are summarized to allow teachers to get a detailed view of what went on in a session. The sessions are assessed and graded by our educators to show student performance over time.

GradeSlam for Teachers

Student Profile

GradeSlam’s student profile provides teachers with a real-time academic summary of the student’s progress. Profiles can only be shared between the student’s parents and their teachers.

GradeSlam for Teachers


Teachers and admins enjoy a detailed overview of student activity and engagement trends on the GradeSlam platform. Explore student profiles that detail the learning progress of an individual student over time, across all subjects.

GradeSlam for Administrators

Designed to improve your student’s learning experience

GradeSlam is an on-demand, chat-based tutoring service available across all subject areas. Sessions are conducted via chat, creating a learning environment that allows students to interact freely and personally with their tutor.

  • Live chat with tutors
  • Share files and documents
  • Snap homework photos
  • Live help through SMS
  • Draw and annotate diagrams

Safety & Excellence: Setting standards in academic support.

Each and every GradeSlam educator has successfully completed our rigorous 5-Step Educator Certification Process, ensuring that only the best and most qualified educators become part of the GradeSlam team and are permitted to teach you.

  • Employment interview
  • US & Canada background check
  • Verified educational credentials
  • Verified teaching skills
  • Training for our online platform