GradeSlam for School Administrators

School administrators enjoy a personal analytics dashboard customized to the individual needs of their school. The dashboard includes usage metrics, student success alerts, student strength and weakness flags, curriculum holes, and trigger warnings.

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Uncover how your students learn and succeed

GradeSlam employs humanized adaptive learning to improve student engagement, retention and overall achievement rates. On-demand academic support provided by GradeSlam educators gives students the scaffolding they need to achieve academic success.

Actionable insights generated through the service illuminate previously unobservable determinants of student success. This creates a sustainable feedback loop to optimize teaching and learning processes practiced at your institution.

  • Monitor students engagement
  • Identify students success factors
  • Unlimited academic support for all your students
  • Actionable insights for macro and micro decisions

Student Profile

GradeSlam’s student profile provides teachers with a real-time academic summary of the student’s progress. Profiles can only be shared between the student’s parents and their teachers.

GradeSlam for Teachers


Teachers and admins enjoy a detailed overview of student activity and engagement trends on the GradeSlam platform. Explore student profiles that detail the learning progress of an individual student over time, across all subjects.

GradeSlam for Administrators

Customer Support

GradeSlam educators and support staff are in-tune with your educational institution, making sure every requirement is taken into consideration to best serve the students and teachers.

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