Empower your school with personalized education

GradeSlam truly powers personalized learning by providing students with 24/7 access to a private tutor for any subject, any time. The platform gives teachers insights on which students seek help, the specific topics they struggle with, and how they can improve.

  • Greater student engagement
  • Improved student performance at school
  • Transparent feedback to teachers and admins
  • Unlimited academic support for students
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Unlimited 24/7 live help in any subject; students simply love it.

Our educators provide students with contextualized feedback on precisely where they lack understanding, and help them learn how to avoid a mistake next time around.

Stay informed with how students learn in and outside of the classroom.

GradeSlam identifies at-risk students ahead of formal assessments. This facilitates personalized instruction in the classroom and helps teachers guide every type of learner toward academic achievement.

Multiply the potential
of your school’s achievements.

As a GradeSlam education partner, we provide you with live statistics of how your students use our platform in order to inform your administrative decisions.

Used by over 150 000 students, teachers and administrators


Middle School Student , KIPP Impact

“I use GradeSlam for math and find it really beneficial! The tutor knew exactly how to help me with my problem. He didn’t just give me the answer, but asked me questions at each step so I could learn how to do it on my own.“

Shawn O’Donnell

Head of School, Sacred Heart School

"GradeSlam is an innovative company that strives to help our students reach their true potential. The chat-based online tutoring system easily complements our current offering of after-school person-to-person Math and French tutoring, in addition to the support provided by our faculty."

Ava Nouraeyan

High School Teacher, English Montreal School Board

“I would recommend this tool to any fellow educator whose purpose in the classroom is to help their students learn better. The feedback from the tutors is an added bonus!”