GradeSlam for School Administrators

School administrators enjoy an analytics dashboard customized to the individual needs of their school. The dashboard includes usage metrics, student success alerts, student strength weakness flags, curriculum holes, and trigger warnings.

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Uncover how your students learn and succeed

GradeSlam employs humanized adaptive learning to improve student engagement, retention and overall achievement rates. On-demand academic support provided by GradeSlam educators gives students the scaffolding they need to achieve academic success.

Actionable insights generated through the service illuminate previously unobservable determinants of student success. Together, this creates a sustainable feedback loop to optimize teaching and learning processes practiced at your institution.

  • Monitor students engagement
  • Identify students success factors
  • Unlimited academic support for all your students
  • Actionable insights for macro and micro dimensions
  • Training for our online platform

Safety & Excellence: Setting standards in academic support.

Each and every GradeSlam educator has successfully completed our rigorous 5-Step Educator Certification Process, ensuring that only the best and most qualified educators become part of the GradeSlam team and are permitted to teach you.

  • Employment interview
  • US & Canada background check
  • Verified educational credentials
  • Verified teaching skills
  • Training for our online platform
Gradeslam Educators

A holistic solution for your teachers and students.

GradeSlam for Students

Offer unlimited, 24/7 tutoring as a company benefit to your employees and their families.

GradeSlam for Students

GradeSlam for Teachers

Monitor tutoring sessions and gain insight into how your child learns and progresses

GradeSlam for Teachers

GradeSlam in their own words...


Middle School Student , KIPP Impact

“I use GradeSlam for math and find it really beneficial! The tutor knew exactly how to help me with my problem. He didn’t just give me the answer, but asked me questions at each step so I could learn how to do it on my own.“

Shawn O’Donnell

Head of School, Sacred Heart School

"GradeSlam is an innovative company that strives to help our students reach their true potential. The chat-based online tutoring system easily complements our current offering of after-school person-to-person Math and French tutoring, in addition to the support provided by our faculty."

Ava Nouraeyan

High School Teacher, English Montreal School Board

“I would recommend this tool to any fellow educator whose purpose in the classroom is to help their students learn better. The feedback from the tutors is an added bonus!”

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