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Hello, my name is Sebastian! Whether you're a devoted parent or a hard-working student, we all know the importance of building a solid foundation for our future through education. Yet, the complexity of the courses along with the varied teaching methods used by educators every semester can change a very healthy experience into a frustrating one. Hence, asking for help isn't only advisable but a necessity to succeed in an educational environment and being happy while doing it. I know that very well, and for that, I have devoted my time over the past couple of years to help fellow students to negate those eerie feelings of hopelessness and irritation that come along with school, to help them have a more positive outlook on what learning is all about. My academic specialization is English and I believe it will always be. I am lucky enough to be enrolled in the English and History program at Concordia University; a place where I’m encouraged to grow my knowledge in the technicalities of the language. As aforementioned, I also have a broad experience in History, a passion that comes close second to my love for literature. With these backgrounds, I have the great opportunity to help students in both areas in great detail and to help them understand the bigger picture, all while providing useful techniques that can be implemented at any point of their learning.


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