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"“The greatest benefit of tutoring is not simply the mastery of new knowledge, but the confidence and comfort that comes with having a tutor.”"

Growing up, I was always fascinated by different languages around the world. This continued into my post-secondary years where I decided to major in Linguistics and take a wide range of language courses, including German, French, and Spanish. I was even fortunate enough to participate in three exchange programs, to Austria, Germany, and Quebec, in order to improve my language skills. Having studied languages all my life, I can sympathize with the frustration and difficulty that comes with learning a foreign language. One of the best tips I have is to draw connections between the student’s native language and the one they are trying to learn - it becomes a bit more bearable when you can view things from a familiar perspective. When I’m not practicing a language or learning a new one, I like to draw and read. The greatest benefit of tutoring as I see it is not simply the mastery of new knowledge, but the confidence and comfort that comes with having a tutor. Tutoring is a great way to get help on a specific subject, but what facilitates that is the one-on-one interaction between a student and a tutor. In such an environment, students have a much easier time asking questions and asking for clarifications, and they can take comfort in knowing that they have someone other than their teacher that they can ask for help. GradeSlam in one word? Convenient.


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