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After nearly a decade of post-secondary education, it is very clear to me that Organic Chemistry is my calling. I studied Chemistry throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies and they were always my favourite courses (though I did also enjoy Linguistics). Throughout my graduate studies in particular, I attended several Chemistry conferences across Canada and loved the opportunity to meet with others in the field, specifically Chemistry teachers. In recent years I have found that as much as I love learning about Chemistry, I love teaching it more. I became a Teaching Assistant at McGill University, and a Continuing Education teacher at Dawson College in Montreal. Right now, I am working to become a certified teacher in Quebec. Despite my current passion for Chemistry, I had quite a rocky start when it came to Physics. I found it impossible to wrap my head around as a high school student and was tutored for several years in the subject. From this experience, I learned that all students can benefit from tutoring - regardless of academic standing. Everyone needs a bit of extra help at some point in their schooling, and there’s absolutely no shame in it.


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