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"When tutoring it’s important to remember that you are not a teacher but a friend. "

I have spent my entire life studying math and science. For me, this passion for math and science has lead me to pursue a degree in software engineering, meaning I get to take fascinating courses on computer science and computer algorithms on a daily basis. Since university, I’ve even had the opportunity to create websites which has given me a much greater appreciation for seamless and interactive websites (such as GradeSlam!). My experience as a teacher and tutor has very much been shaped by my background working with youth and in engineering. I have two younger sisters and have been tutoring them since they were little, plus I’ve been a youth leader at my church for the past four years. In terms of engineering, it has shown me how satisfying it is to tackle and solve a problem. When tutoring it’s important to remember that you are not a teacher but a friend. As cheesy as this may sound, a friend makes sure that the other person is alright and that they are not feeling troubled. This is the exact attitude we should have when tutoring. Tutoring is not a one-way relationship where we simply teach, it goes both ways. Like friends, we need to listen to the other person’s problems and do our best to comfort them and assure them that we will do our best to help them. Ultimately, I want to create bonds with students through teaching and helping them solve their homework problems. GradeSlam in one word? Reliable


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