GradeSlam Educator Certification Process


GradeSlam’s rigorous certification process ensures that only the highest quality educators become certified GradeSlam Educators. Before being hired, every candidate must successfully complete the following five steps:

In-Depth Personal Interview

Our team interviews each candidate in-person to ensure they have the social and communicative skills required to be an GradeSlam Educator. All candidates are located in North America. We only hire personable, charismatic people who are proficient in the English language so that students are comfortable working with them.

Rigorous Background Check

  • SSN validation
  • Sex offender list
  • Address history
  • Terrorist watchlist
  • National criminal search
  • Unlimited country criminal searches

All GradeSlam Educators successfully pass a Canadian or American background check before being hired. North American background checks include the following checks/searches: Social Security Number Validation, Sex Offender List, Address History, Terrorist Watchlist, National Criminal Search, and Country Criminal Search.

Verified Educational Credentials

Education matters. We understand the importance of a good education, which is why we directly contact the educational institution listed on every candidate’s application to affirm their academic credentials.

Verified Teaching Skills

Each candidate submits a tutorial video with their application that showcases their ability to teach a subject of their choice. The video then goes through an approval process in which we verify that the applicant has the exemplary teaching skills required to be a certified GradeSlam Educator.

Training For Our Online Platform

Each Educator attends a mandatory training session where they perfect their capability to explain concepts through instant messaging. The training session also familiarizes the new team members with the nuances of how the GradeSlam platform works.

Meet Our Educators

Chloe Sholl

Certified Educator

Valerie Hamilton

Certified Educator

Ali Khalilzadeh

Certified Educator