Having already been recognized by the state of California as one of three districts who are leading the state in Technology, Laguna Beach Unified School District has continued to push forward by partnering with GradeSlam. This partnership will allow the district leaders at Laguna Beach to provide all of their high school students with unlimited, online academic support for their courses.

Partnering with GradeSlam

Laguna Beach Unified’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Morrison, has brought many innovative and successful new initiatives to the district over the years and he is very excited to be first California district to partner with GradeSlam.

"We are looking forward to changing our culture in a way that allows every student to succeed. Many of our students can afford a tutor, but some can not. GradeSlam has the potential to close that gap by allowing all students to get help anytime they need it. We realize that students can find helpful videos on the internet, but those videos are not interactive and our teachers aren't getting a chance to find out what the questions are. With GradeSlam, our students will be able to interact with an educator and our teachers can find out what questions are being asked. Many parents have told me they are struggling to help their students at home. Could this be a stress relief for our parents? We can't wait to see the feedback. This is remarkable and has tremendous potential to change our culture.”

Michael Morrison,
Chief Technology Office at LBUSD