In a world that recognizes the importance of employee wellness programs, leading companies are offering GradeSlam to their employees and their families as an Education benefit. Companies investing in the education and wellness of their employees by partnering in GradeSlam position themselves as innovative leaders willing to do what it takes to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Educational support for all family members
  • Improved parents performance at work
  • Transparent feedback to parents and teachers*
  • Unlimited access to all benefiting employees

Why invest in employee wellness?

Studies have shown that when companies make the choice to invest in Education as A Benefit they have seen impressive measurable returns on their investment. Reports have shown that for every dollar invested in these programs, the company generated $1.29 in savings.

Infographic : Work-Life Balance

What is Education as a Benefit?

GradeSlam’s Education Benefits allow companies to transform their traditional wellness programs into a more robust recruitment and retention tool that drives a positive return on investment. Investing in the education a company's employees and their families, is an investment that any company can be proud to make.

  • Unlimited, one on one, academic support for all employees family members
  • Innovative and Unique Wellness Program
  • Intelligible engagement reports that let you see how the benefit is being used.