About GradeSlam

Technology should do more than increase the productivity of schooling and the efficiency of evaluating. It should address the discrepancies in academic success encountered by different types of learners who face unique personal challenges.

That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools for schools, students and educators to make every student a successful learner. The service encourages all types of learners to actively and instinctively seek academic help by employing a medium that comes naturally to the modern student - limitless, spontaneous, uninhibited communication through instant messaging.

In this learning environment, students enjoy the confidentiality to be honest about what they don’t understand. They also enjoy the privacy to seek help at their own discretion without worrying about what their peers think. The system eliminates traditional barriers to academic success and enhances the ability of individual students to both engage with and understand their schoolwork. The service places contextualized, interactive academic support at students’ fingertips and encourages increased student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom.

The uninhibited approach to learning opens a direct window into the mind of a student. Instead of identifying at-risk or gifted students at the end of the learning process, this window allows educators to enact early intervention accordingly. The data generated through actionable insights can be used to perfect the learning curriculum and support resources to maneuver students towards personalized learning goals.

Meet GradeSlam's Team

  • Phil Cutler

    Founder & CEO

  • Roberto Cipriani

    Founder & CTO

  • Alyssa Tuman

    Director of Customer Success

  • Carlo Campisi

    VP of Service

  • Saad Benryane

    VP Product & Lead Designer

  • Francis Lavazelli

    Director of Software Development

  • Jacob Geller

    Director of Partnerships

  • Adriel Fabella

    Software Developer

  • Chad Sarrouf

    Software Developer

  • Kara Katon

    UI/UX Designer

  • Joseph Mammen

    Software Developement Intern

  • Faiyaz Hasan

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Ruben Dorado

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Angelina Trofimova

    Data Scientist

  • Wei Kung (Bernie) Wang

    Data Science Intern

  • Jonah Azoulay

    Machine Learning Intern

  • Anne-Sophie Bolduc

    Partnership Associate

  • Daniel Gorodetsky

    Partnership Associate

  • Hunter Moreau

    Partnership Associate

  • Jacob Kaplan

    Partnership Associate

  • Jon Fagan

    Partnership Associate

  • Justin Abrams

    Partnership Associate

  • Ashley Brown

    Partnership Associate

  • Chloe Sholl

    GradeSlam Educator

Awards & Accolades