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GradeSlam delivers actionable insights to educational institutions through chat-based tutoring

  • Affordable unlimited tutoring
  • Adapts to the individual student
  • Identifies overlooked knowledge gaps
  • Equips educators with actionable insights
  • Increases course completion rate & engagement
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Students want it, educators love it

24/7 Study Help

Students enjoy unlimited consultations with subject experts, from which your institutions gains insights to help them learn better.

Plug and Play

GradeSlam’s adaptive learning solutions are stand-alone and can easily integrate into your institution’s existing Learning Management System.


Our platform extends the reach of educators by giving them first hand knowledge on how their students learn outside of the classroom.

What you get, in a nutshell

24/7 Homework help

Your students get access to instant help from our educators. The service is unlimited and available 24 hours a day.

Teacher training & professional development

As our technology advances, our team will make sure that your teachers continue to receive guidance and training to make the most out of GradeSlam.

Experts in all subjects & topics

Our educators have proven proficiency in high-school, college and university topics. No question is left unanswered.

Safe environment

We take student safety seriously. That is why every instructor has passed a criminal background check and is certified to teach your students.

Live reporting tools

Get instant statistics on your student’s learning habits, engagement and performance. Intelligent events allow you to efficiently adapt to how your students learn.

Dedicated customer support

A dedicated GradeSlam representative will assist your school with the implementation and make sure your requirements are met.

Providing insights to institutions in real time

  • Monitor students engagement
  • Reveals gaps in knowledge
  • Track students learning progress
  • Identify subjects of difficulty
  • and much more...


Benefit from increased student engagement and a livestream of feedback to better inform administrative procedures.


Benefit from a heightened awareness of how individual students grasp concepts, allowing them to personalize their teaching methods.


Benefit from instant access to personalized learning support, encouraging them to stay engaged even when they run into a roadblock.

“GradeSlam has taken tutoring from an expensive privilege for the wealthy, to an affordable solution every school must be using.”

- Angela M.
Director of Student Services

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GradeSlam is an instant homework help service featuring chat based communication and file sharing. GradeSlam has world-class tutors - all of which have a background in education. With safety and security for every family in mind, all GradeSlam tutors have undergone an extensive certification process that includes an in-person interview and criminal background check.

GradeSlam’s chat-based tutoring service can be used through Facebook Messenger, traditional texting, or the GradeSlam Online Classroom. It is unlimited, on-demand and available 24/7.

All exchanges are conducted through instant messaging. Students share their assignment with their tutor by uploading the file or photo of the assignment into the chatbox. The tutor comments directly on the work using the Student Whiteboard Tool and sends it back. Every session is saved on the student’s personal dashboard and can be referenced as a study tool later on.

Any student over the age of 11 can receive school help from GradeSlam.

GradeSlam has expert tutors for every topic. For a comprehensive list of subjects, please see our subject offerings.

Yes, GradeSlam integrates with any Learning Management System, Google Docs, and other information management tools.

You can request a demo by filling out this form here. After you submit the form you will be contacted by a representative to schedule a demo.

School memberships are tailored to fit the individual needs of the school. Basic membership packages include unlimited tutoring for students. Premium packages are available that include the Administrator Dashboard, Student Success Monitoring and Actionable Insights Reporting.

GradeSlam's services exclusively sold to educational institutions. The cost varies based on the size of the school. If you wish to have an estimate of how much GradeSlam would cost to be implemented in your institution, please contact us at info@gradeslam.org.

There is a GradeSlam Guardian program that subsidies the cost for schools that qualify for financial assistance. For more information on this program, please contact alyssa@gradeslam.org.